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One Year In

It's been about a year since we began our quest for smarter, safer treatments for breast and other cancers, so we thought this would be a good time to reflect on the past year's journey.

Although we've been very happy with the publicity our book has received, much of what we've been doing over the past year has been behind the scenes. First and foremost, we've been connecting with lots of readers, patients and practitioners alike who are interested in a complete approach to cancer. There's definitely a movement unfolding, and we can't wait to share more about that soon.

And as for our public efforts, we've been very active connecting with people on Facebook and Twitter, but, we've developed a bad habit of posting here on our blog only occasionally, and then falling into long periods of silence. Part of that is just bad habit (shame on us!), but part of it has to do with working hard to line up really great content to share from the patients and practitioners who are declaring peace on cancer. We'll definitely be doing a better job of keeping this blog active.

We'd also like to take a moment to thank the many readers who write to us. Many of you have shared your own stories with us, and we're always touched by the incredible strength you all exhibit.

The best part about the first year of our mission to share our story is the constant stream of good news we've found about treating cancer in smarter and safer ways. We can declare peace on cancer! Unfortunately, there are still plenty of warmongers out there, spreading the illogical fear that we have to remain at war with cancer in order to be "safe." We're here to tell you that this just isn't true. You can get well again, and you don't have to get sicker first from one-size-fits all toxic treatments.

Our hope is that we can all come together to overcome the grim "war" approach to cancer, with its belligerent treatments, and replace it with an integrative approach that cures cancer, not in one way, but in 100 ways.

Thanks for listening,
Hollie & Patrick


Radio Interviews and Other Media Coverage

Our blog has been a bit quiet over the past couple of weeks, but we've certainly been busy in the background with sharing our story about smarter, safer ways to deal with cancer. We've conducted several radio interviews thus far, including one that has now posted the interview online. Take a listen:

Insider's HealthRadio Interview, Part 1

Insider's HealthRadio Interview, Part 2

You can also check out our Media section for other coverage. Thanks so much for following our story!


Leading Oncologist Likes Our Book!

Well, if by "likes" you mean "hates," then yes, a leading oncologist likes our book! We've gotten quite a response to our book from conventional medicine in just the first few days of widespread publicity. What an honor!

All joking aside, we're glad to have such a substantial response to our book on the part of conventional physicians in just its first few days of broad publicity (the vitriol in some of their commentary is unfortunate, but not surprising). It should also be noted, too, that there are plenty of conventional doctors who actually do like our book, and its message. The last thing we need in the cancer realm is what we have in politics today—two camps, both talking past each other with shrill, one-sided arguments. 

We're going to take full advantage of the amount of discussion being generated, both by those in favor of, and opposed to, our cancer choices. We're going to be responding to the criticisms being offered in response to our book, so that we can show the very specific areas where we disagree with the logic and methods of conventional cancer treatment. To make these posts easier to follow, we'll denote all of the responses via the titles of the posts, like this: "Criticism: Surgery Alone Cured Hollie." And we'll also be creating a table of contents that links to all of the individual criticisms and responses.

The responses we've been getting from some conventional physicians only confirm the conclusions we began drawing eight years ago upon Hollie's diagnosis. More than ever we need the forward-thinking minds in cancer treatment, conventional and holistic, to join together to create a smarter, safer and more complete approach to healing cancer.