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Did You Hear? They Cured Cancer

Experts will tell you there is no cure for advanced cancer. True, there is no one cure. There are dozens of cures. Hundreds, even. One of the most mystifying aspects of conventional medicine is the manner in which most of its practitioners are unwilling to acknowledge the most obvious of realities. Namely, that people cure advanced cancer all the time.

What conventional cancer docs mean, of course, is that they don't know how to cure advanced cancers. And this isn't at all surprising, given the limited tools they have at their disposal, and their very limited knowledge of immune function, nutritional science, and all the other healing wisdom that goes into ridding the body of cancer smartly and safely.

Or, they mean to say that there isn't a one-size-fits-all cure, as required by their conventional laboratory science. But we're not lab rats, nor is cancer a single disease in need of a single cure. Breast cancer, for example, is more like 100 different diseases in terms of all the variations it can have. So the narrow-minded laboratory mindset is by nature inappropriate for cancer in the real world, in real bodies. Indeed, the reason the past 30 years of massive funding of conventional cancer research have been such a disappointment is for this very reason—all of that energy is spent looking for a general solution to a problem that is specific in every case. It will never work.  

So what conventional doctors mean to say is that their tools and methods—their treatments and the science behind them—cannot cure most advanced cancers. But that's not what they say, really. They say it can't be cured, period. And that's just plain dishonest. And poor sportsmanship, too. Shame on them for convincing patients that their narrow-minded expertise represents all there is to be known about healing cancer. Our advice is simply this—don't believe it. Numbers lie, trust the eye, as the saying goes. There is so much good news about cancer, and it doesn't have anything to do with toxic, largely ineffective treatments. It has to do with getting well again, and it's time we started acknowledging it more, and embracing it more. 

And to let your eyes behold the myriad stories of healing cancer, we wanted to share some resources:

The Incurables series documenting a host of illnesses, including many cancers, healed via nutritional and herbal science, along with lots of other traditional/natural medicine approaches. (cancer category)

This site shows one video after another documenting the healing wisdom of the body, applied to cancer (mostly advanced cases). 

Eventually, we'll add a section to our web site with stories from patients that cured their incurable cancers. In the meantime, feel free to drop us an email at We'd love to hear from you.