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The Future of Cancer Treatment

There's a revolution underway in the treatment of cancer. Like most successful revolutions (as this one will surely be), it started quietly, and it's still mostly going unnoticed. Unless, that is, you're fortunate enough to have a cancer doc who's part of the movement. This revolution represents the future of cancer treatment. It's smarter, safer medicine and diagnostics. It's complete cancer care. Instead of a narrow focus on killing cancer, this approach is truly curative. It treats the "soil" of cancer, rather than just trying to eradicate the "seed" (which mostly doesn't work, is unnecessarily toxic and harmful, and in any case isn't fully curative and health-promoting). It orchestrates the "symphony of bio-mechanisms" that lead to the development of cancer, replacing the biochemical cacophony of cancer with the harmony of wellness.

As Dr. Mark Hyman has said:


In short, the future of cancer treatment entails declaring peace on cancer. And if you're (or your cancer doc is) interested in learning more, one of the best gatherings anywhere to be found is the Advances in Cancer Strategies Symposium. We spoke there ourselves last year, with Hollie sharing her story of how she embraced this integrative, "healthy medicine" approach for her Stage 2/Grade 3 breast cancer in 2002. The conference is a who's-who of leading practitioners and researchers of health-promoting and holistic cancer treatments. As a sign of the increasing attention that this unconventional medicine is attracting, best-selling author Dr. Bernie Siegel is the keynote speaker this time around. This year's conference is in Stamford, CT (links below).

Also, on Saturday evening of the conference, there's a fundraiser for the Mederi Centre for Natural Healing, the non-profit cancer clinic and foundation that treated Hollie in 2002. Comedian David Brenner is the emcee, and we'll be in attendance along with a host of friends of Mederi. 

Advances in Cancer Strategies Symposium, April 20-22, 2012
(Main conference website, including a list of speakers, and registration information.)

Complete Conference Guide - Advances in Cancer Strategies Symposium 2012
(PDF file)

(Mederi Foundation site, with a link to register for the fundraiser on Saturday night of the conference, and also with a personal invitation video from Donnie Yance, the founder of the clinic. Note: You don't have to attend the conference in order to attend the benefit. You can come to either one, or both.)

Please help us spread the word about the future of cancer treatment. We hope to see you there!