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[Video] Criticisms: A Summary

One of the clearest signs that the conventional-only approach to cancer is on the wane is in the form of its criticisms of its competing treatment approaches. When we wrote our book, a loud chorus of criticisms came from conventional-only medical circles about the treatment path that Hollie chose. Our response was essentially this—that's it? That's all that mainstream cancer medicine has to say in response to Hollie doing just fine, indeed thriving, after rejecting chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy (Tamoxifen) and extensive surgery for her breast cancer in 2002?

When we gave our talk at the Cancer Strategies Symposium in 2011, we summarized the various criticisms we received, and our good friends at The Healthy Medicine Academy, who sponsored the conference, gave us permission to post that section of our talk. (Thanks to Dr. Robert Zieve and Eve Greenberg!) See the video below for a summary of those criticisms, and of our responses.

Oh, and the success of last year's conference has led to an even more exciting event this year. Check out this link to learn about this year's conference, entitled "Advances in Cancer Strategies Symposium." We look forward to seeing you there!

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