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Cassie's Cancer Gift

Our daughter Cassie was born with cancer. She didn't have the disease herself, thank goodness. Yet, since Hollie was 38 weeks pregnant with Cassie when diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, Cassie has been around cancer since the day she was born. But for Cassie there has been one very dramatic difference from the typical experience of a "cancer child." Namely, she never had to witness her mother go through conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Our hearts ache for the generations of people who've suffered the side effects of these treatments, often unnecessarily, and for the loved ones who've had to witness it all.

We're appreciative beyond words to have found a more healthful, safer way to deal with breast cancer. And so is Cassie, now that she's more able to understand the very different treatment paths available. Cassie recently expressed how she feels by doing a mini-fundraiser for the non-profit Mederi Centre for Natural Healing, where Hollie was treated. Mederi practices what we consider to be complete cancer medicine, which sometimes uses tools from the conventional toolbox, like chemotherapy, when necessary, along with of course lots and lots of herbal and nutritional and other safe medicines. When they do draw upon chemotherapy, they do it in such a way as to minimize the brutality experienced by so many patients.

Cassie made the letter below and sent it to Mederi along with the funds she raised. If you share our passion for smarter, safer cancer treatments, or if perhaps, like us, you're ready to see an end to the grim war on cancer, then we encourage you to donate to Mederi, too:

Cassie's Gift to Smarter, Safer Breast Cancer Medicine


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Reader Comments (1)

I was deeply touched by this letter of Cassie! I can feel the sincerity and the love in her letter. -Sarah-

January 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

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